Late entry for Tjejmilen 2015

Tjejmilen is Sweden’s largest sporting event for women with 3more than 30,000 participants. It will be both a celebration and a competition when the 32nd Tjejmilen takes place on Saturday 5 September 2015. Start at 13:00.
Welcome to a fantastic race on the beautiful course around "Gärdet" and "Djurgården" right in central Stockholm.

Race information Tjejmilen 2015

Welcome to the 32nd annual Tjejmilen, the biggest sporting event for women in Sweden. We hope that you will enjoy the run through the royal park ”Djurgården” in Stockholm on Saturday, 5 September. The first group starts at 13:00.
Here is important information for all runners.
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All results live during the race

The Tjejmilen starts at 13:00 on Saturday, September 5. During the race intermediate times at 5km for all runners in the Competition Class will be live on our results page here on the race website. After the race you will find finishing time and place for all runners. This service does not work for runners in the Fun Run class.

Video from the 2014 Tjejmilen

Check the video that takes you on a lap around the course and to the festivities after the race, all in five minutes.
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The best photos from Tjejmilen 2014

Our photographers Thomas Windestam, Ryno Quantz and Rickard Forsberg worked hard during the race. See their best photos!
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The scenic course kilometre by kilometre

Tjejmilen runs around the beautiful scenery of the Royal National City Park “Djurgården” in central Stockholm. The distance in 10,000m.
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